Taylor Crawford | Bio
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Taylor Crawford is deemed a singing, songwriting, Texas transplant after a soul guided move to pursue music in West coast Long Beach, California. In 2014 she released her debut EP “California” via a successful Kickstarter campaign and grammy nominated producer, Mack Damon. Taylor’s voice stands alone as a signature sound with its quiet quivers evoked by the intense emotion that is her songwriting. Her distinctive flexibility from highs to lows label her a siren supported by emotional, authentic, and poetic lyrics that put you under a spell. Recently, Taylor has been collaborating with the Orange County Recording Hub, Hybrid Studios to finish a sophomore release. She’s taken a live approach, to capture the raw intimate nature of her sound. The release is set for early 2017 to be supported by a Spring West Coast tour. In the time she’s not taking over the world with the power of her vulnerability, she’s giving back to her community through the gift of teaching music with private music lessons.