Taylor Crawford | Bio
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Taylor Crawford’s real music journey began in 2011 when she answered a call of the soul to move to Long Beach, California and found herself living in a house full of strangers who she met on Craigslist, just enough money to start over at the delicate age of 18. By 2014, she arranged a successful Kickstarter campaign to make the record of her dreams with multiple Grammy nominated producer Mack Damon. “California” was born as an EP that presented emotional songs dressed in the trials and tribulations of a young woman away from home, stumbling through relationships of all kinds. The track “White Roses” from her debut record has since made it into the credits of an Independent Film starring John Cusack, the thriller “Blood Money” currently on Netflix. With Long Beach as Crawford’s adopted hometown launching pad, she has played local festivals, embarked on house concert tours, and even graced the known singer-songwriter watering hole of Hollywood that is The Hotel Cafe.

In her endless evolution as a human being and artist, Taylor craved an uncharted approach for her sophomore release that required an organic process and an abundance of close relationships. She teamed up with the Orange County Recording Hub, Hybrid Studios, and a unique set of friends to birth her latest record. She originally pursued the project with the intention of potentially never releasing it, allowing herself to approach the topics with raw emotional expression. “Heal” is a record of her necessary walk through the wilderness to find her voice as an artist, without too heavy of an influence from anyone else. In the midst of 2016, she met local up an coming filmmaker Ren D’Anelli, who directed and edited Taylor’s very first music video for her single “Walk Straight”. The video was a successful portrayal of Long Beach gems and a journey back to the true self.

Fall in love with being in love, find comfort in shared experiences of loss, and get lost in her melancholy vocals and somber tone, or just crush on her sweet and understated beauty. Taylor’s distinctive flexibility from highs to lows label her a siren, supported by poetic and punchy lyrics that carry you home, to a place of healing. Her unique quivers are not hard to surrender to, once you give her a chance to hold you with her voice. Heal’s official release date is projected for May 2018.